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DPJ to set up policy panel with SDP, PNP / Concession (譲歩、許容) aims to faciliate coalition pact

The DPJ currently is in talks with the Social Democratic Party (社民党) and People's New Party (国民新党) on the formation of a coalition government, and Hatoyama's decision is apparently aimed at bringing those discussions to a successful conclusion. The SDP has called for a policy liaison body to be set up when the coalition government is established, but the DPJ has been reluctant due to its desire to concentrate policymaking power in the cabinet.

"I'd like to create a relationship [with the SDP and PNP] in which we can [make decisions] as smoothly as possible," Hatoyama told reporters at DPJ headquarters Sunday. "The SDP says we need a forum (公開討論の場) that would allow the [expected] coalition parties to coordinate policies and for top officials to communicate with each other. I'll consider it."

With Hatoyama willing to clear this stumbling block (つまづきの意思、障害), the coalition talks look set to progress successfully.

Aiming to make its presence felt (存在を示す) in the anticipated coalition government, the SDP is seeking a body (組織、機関) in which the ruling parties will have an opportunity to examine policies before they are approved by the cabinet. According to a senior SDP official, SDP leader Mizuho Fukushima phoned Hatoyama and requested the establishment of a consultative body (協議機関) for party leaders and other top-level officials.

The DPJ was initially cautious because the idea is likely to interfere with the party's plans to give sole policy decision-making power to the cabinet. However, the party is now actively considering the idea, likely because it felt an organization of party leaders and other top officials would make it easier to strike a balance (うまく均衡を取る、うまく両立させる) between members of the envisaged coalition.

People being considered to join the coordinating body are Hatoyama, Fukushima and PNP leader Shizuka Kamei. An alternative for Hatoyama might be a key DPJ member of the cabinet, such as the chief cabinet secretary (内閣官房長官).

The three parties are scheduled to resume coalition talks Tuesday.

Hatoyama on Sunday spoke with Hirofumi Hirano, who heads the party executives' secretariat (事務局) and has been chosen to be chief cabinet secretary, at party headquarters. The two discussed the coalition talks and personnel matters for nearly two hours.

In the latest personnel development, Kenji Yamaoka was set to remain as chairman of the DPJ Diet Affairs Committee. Yamaoka is close to DPJ Acting President (党首代行)Ichiro Ozawa, who will become secretary general (幹事長) of the party.

On Monday evening, Hatoyama is scheduled to gather senior DPJ officials at party headquarters to further discuss personnel matters, focusing on key cabinet and party executive posts that have not been filled.

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Transcultural Management

Creating value by valuing difference

Differences and similarities between people, cultures, organisations and nations are difficult, if not impossible, to quantify (量を計る、数値で示す). We may never know why we like, or dislike, others, their behaviour or policies. Was the synergy (相乗効果) and success, or miscommunication and failure, a result of gender, cross-cultural or generational difference, ethnicity, or personality? Or any one of the dozens of subtle, often invisible, differences that exist between people and cultures? At Transcultural Management Canada, we follow the Creating Value by Valuing Difference approach to valuing difference and making sense of the world we live and work in. To concentrate on only one, or a few, of the many possible differences between people, teams, or in cross-border interaction is non-productive and misleading. We make no distinction therefore between intercultural and diversity management, holding as key principle that these are one and the same.

Our vision is to create cultural synergy in a global world.

At Transcultural Management Canada we partner our clients in developing unique approaches to creating inclusive (包括的な) work atmospheres. When employees do not feel valued or engaged, they are often discouraged and unhappy. This in turn impacts not only overall productivity, but the atmosphere in the workplace. Employee engagement surveys have demonstrated repeatedly that an unhappy and dysfunctional work environment is the number one reason talented resources choose to go to another employer. Whether the challenges are around multi-generational leadership, style diversity, gender, ethnic, or other categorized diversity, the solution lies in change and adaption (適応), both by the employees themselves, but in the corporate culture, and beginning with the senior leadership.

We have developed and implement accurate and highly sensitive instruments to assess corporate culture (through an organizational due diligence process, OD2), attitudes and approaches to cooperation and team participation (through the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire), personality indicators (ALTI) and many more. Transcultural Management Canada offers a very wide range of different approaches for companies of any size, or representing any industry, to accurately assess the present corporate culture and reveal systemic and unconscious preferences that exclude (排除する) employees, and the valuable contributions they could be making.

21世紀は、Transcultural Managementが出来るリーダーが求められるでしょう。
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Prince Hisahito celebrates third

Prince Hisahito celebrates third

Prince Hisahito, the son of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko, has been growing in good health and turned 3 years old Sunday.

As of Friday, Prince Hisahito, the Imperial family's first male heir (継承者、後継ぎ) in 41 years, weighed 13.6 kg and was 94 cm tall, the Imperial Household Agency said.

Under the male-only succession law, Prince Hisahito is third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne (天皇家の菊の紋章、天皇の地位) behind Crown Prince (皇太子) Naruhito, 49, Emperor Akihito's eldest son, and Prince Akishino, 43, his second son.

Prince Hisahito enjoys lively activities, like riding a tricycle from his elder sister Kako, playing ball and chasing, and has gradually become able to eat and change clothes by himself, the agency said.

His parents affectionately call him "Yuyu," "Yu-chan" and "Hisahito-kun," it said.

って私も人生これからか??? ←ポジティブ思考なので。
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DoCoMo ready to enter U.S. market in 2010

NTT DoCoMo Inc. is planning to make a foray (進出する) into the U.S. mobile phone market next year, offering smart phones and other high-performance handsets (送受機器) featuring its i-mode Internet service, sources said Friday.

The move would be DoCoMo's first attempt to launch its brand in an overseas market.

Initially, the nation's top mobile phone company may start out as a mobile virtual network operator, leasing capacity from a major cell phone service provider in the United States, the sources said.

If DoCoMo opts to (~することを選ぶ) start this way, it would likely lease infrastructure (基幹設備) from AT&T Inc. or T-Mobile USA Inc., which has ties with DoCoMo's U.S. unit, the sources said.

DoCoMo provides limited services in the United States but is forming capital and business ties with (~と資本・ビジネス提携する) local service providers.

Its plan to fully enter the U.S. market is based on smart phones, which remain highly popular there despite the recession, thanks to the 2007 introduction of Apple Inc.'s iPhone, they said.

DoCoMo also launched a support desk in New York on Friday to deal with technical troubles Japanese in the U.S. may be having.

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Suspected outbreak (発生、突発) of O-157 sickens 11

Eleven people may have contracted food poisoning after dining at Pepper Lunch steak restaurants in Tokyo and Saitama, Osaka, Nara, Yamaguchi and Ehime prefectures, local governments said Saturday.

The operator of the chain, Pepper Food Service Co., said Saturday that nine diners may have gotten sick.

But two more cases were reported to the Yamaguchi Prefectural Government after the announcement, bringing the total number of suspected cases to 11.

The Yamaguchi government said earlier in the day that four diners had been hit by the O-157 strain of E. coli (大腸菌株) bacteria after eating steak at a local Pepper Lunch branch on Aug. 23 or 24.

All four are reportedly recovering.

The prefectural government then ordered the restaurant to close for three days.

Pepper Food President Kunio Ichinose apologized and said there is a strong possibility the chain's diced beefsteak (サイコロステーキ) caused the poisonings.

In Tokyo, the metropolitan government said a woman was sickened by O-157 bacteria after eating at a Pepper Lunch in the capital in mid-August.

最近は、私は新型インフルエンザ(swine flu)対策に翻弄されていたので
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