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Beer aficionados (熱狂的なファン) will be able to taste more than 120 different craft beers at the annual Great Japan Beer Festival 2009 in Yokohama.

After paying the entrance fee, visitors can taste 50-ml beer samples brewed from both local and international brewers. Different styles such as English ale, German lager, wheat beer and American ale will attempt to satisfy your thirst. Visitors are able to taste as many kinds of beer as they are capable of drinking. To cut down on garbage, only one glass will be given to each visitor.

Founded and organized by the Japan Craft Beer Association, the festival was first held in 1998, and since then more than 170,000 beer lovers have attended the event.

The goal of the Japan Craft Beer Association is to popularize and promote craft beers in Japan and around the world. Craft beers are traditionally brewed with an emphasis on flavor rather than marketing preferences. Since the beer industry is attracting more and more fans, local breweries are constantly experimenting and will present their newest brews at the festival.

Next to the "International Beer Summit" held in Osaka, the event is the biggest beer festival in Japan, (along with its counterparts in Tokyo and Osaka.)

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Japan's first unmanned cargo vehicle was attached to the International Space Station on Friday, completing the first step needed to unload observation equipment and supplies.

Astronauts on the station secured the HTV, as the vehicle is called, using a robot arm after it came within 10 meters of the ISS. The successful acquisition of the vehicle gives new hope for manned spaceship development and its future role in transporting supplies to the space station after U.S. space shuttles are decommissioned (閉鎖する、退役させる) as early as in 2010.

The HTV was put into orbit (軌道) last week on an HII-B rocket launched from Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Japan is scheduled to launch seven domestically made HTV single-use vehicles through 2015, at a pace of one a year.

This time, the HTV transported around 4.5 tons of supplies, including freeze-dried food, bread, clothing and shampoo, as well as SMILES stratospheric observation (成層圏観測) equipment for Japan's Kibo laboratory module on the ISS.

The HTV, which is 10 meters long and 4.4 meters in diameter (直径), has a wide 1.2-sq.-meter entrance that allows it to carry large cargo other vehicles cannot transport.

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A DNA match linking Raymond J. Clark III to Yale student Annie Le led to his arrest on murder charges, a source with knowledge of the investigation said.

On Thursday, New Haven Police Chief James Lewis described Le's killing an instance of "workplace violence," but he did not elaborate (念入りに練る).

Clark, 24, has been charged with Le's murder, and bail (保釈) has been set at $3 million, Lewis said.

Thursday morning, police arrested the Yale lab technician in the strangulation (絞殺) of Le, whose body was found in the wall of an off-campus research building.

Hours after his arrest, Clark appeared in court and did not enter a plea (罪状認否する). Standing with chains on his ankles and his palms on the table, he looked only at the judge and spoke only to acknowledge that his rights were read to him.

A court date of October 6 was set.

Le, a 24-year-old pharmacology (薬理学) graduate student, was last seen alive September 8, the day she appeared in a surveillance video as she entered the four-story lab at 10 Amistad St., about 10 blocks from Yale University's campus.

Her body was found inside the basement wall of the building Sunday, on what was to have been her wedding day. She had been strangled (絞殺される), the Connecticut medical examiner's office determined.

The night she was killed, a fire alarm in the building was pulled, a source with knowledge of the investigation said.

When investigators reviewed security tapes from that night, the source said, they began to focus on Clark, who was seen looking distraught (取り乱した) and holding his head in his hands.

Clark's attorney (弁護士), David Dworski, said in an earlier statement, "We are committed to proceeding appropriately with the authorities with whom we are in regular contact."

Yale University President Richard Levin said that although the school's administration is "relieved" by the news of Clark's arrest, "we must resist the temptation to rush to judgment."

Clark, of Branford, Connecticut, is not a Yale student but has worked as a lab technician at the university since 2004 after graduating from high school. He lived with his girlfriend, who is also a Yale lab technician, according to police.

Clark had nothing in his employment history at the university that "gave an indication that his involvement in such a crime might be possible," Levin said in a statement issued Thursday.

A faculty member described Clark's job in the Animal Resources Center as maintaining colonies for animals used in research. The lab is in the basement of the building where Le's body was found.

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Disney Studios chairman resigns

Walt Disney Studios Chairman Richard Cook announced Friday he was resigning his post, effective immediately.

"I have loved every minute of my 38 years that I have worked at Disney...from the beginning as a ride operator on Disneyland's steam train and monorail to my position as chairman of The Walt Disney Studios," Cook said in a statement.

He said his decision came after lengthy contemplation, and quoted baseball great Yogi Berra, "'If you come to a fork in the road (分かれ道), take it.' "

Robert Iger, president and CEO of the Walt Disney Co., said in a statement that Cook's work had "truly enriched this company and significantly impacted Disney's great legacy."

"We thank Dick for his tremendous passion for Disney, and his many accomplishments and contributions to The Walt Disney Studios, including a very promising upcoming film slate," Iger's statement said. "On behalf of everyone at Disney, we wish him the best with all the future has to offer."
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